Artists Guidelines

Your art shouldn't be hidden away in wallets or digital folders. It belongs on display, enriching spaces and stirring emotions. We're here to ensure your art gets the attention it deserves, breaking barriers and bringing it into the light. Let's make it happen together.

Artwork by Mira Ruido

What is MURO?

Spotify curates music. Netflix curates TV. Who curates art?

Muro. The Digital Art Streaming Solution.

With a shortage of platforms curating art that truly meets users' needs and preferences, we set out to create a sustainable and fair digital art streaming platform. Muro's sensory art curation benefits both consumers and commercial venues, whilst ensuring the equitable treatment of artists.

We recognized the lack of a fair and progressive economic model for digital creators, so we took the initiative to pioneer a legal framework for streaming digital art. Through this, we enable artists to earn from streams and increase visibility of their work. By simplifying the process for venues to enter the digital art world, we create greater opportunities for creators to earn and make their work more accessible to a wider audience.

Our subscription-based model allows individual users or businesses to discover and explore a world of digital art tailored to their moods and preferences. Whether you're streaming from your smart tv or laptop, we've got you covered, anytime and anywhere.

Why are we doing this?


To make digital art more accessible


To offer artists a new medium to gain visibility and monetize their work


To provide a personalized art curation service based on your emotions


To use art as a medium for wellbeing

What are Our solutions?

Users solution

Mobile application to stream curated collections directly into your smart TVs via a subscription.

Business solution

Curation service of custom art collections to be displayed in the venues and managed remotely.

How do we work with artists?

We offer artist the possibility to stream their NFTs and digital art via the MURO platform.

This allows them to:

  • Receive a percentage of MURO´s revenue from subscriptions
  • Complete reports of data & analytics of where their artwork has been streamed, how many times, etc.
  • Increase their display IRL and the possibility of collection
  • Exclusive placement to commercial venues (luxury hotels, coworking spaces, etc.)
  • Promotion through the artist catalogue in-website
  • Public artist page

We will ask artists to sign a 2 pages agreement that will authorise MURO to make their artwork available for streaming on our platform. If the piece is an NFT, users will be able to open a link to the URL of the marketplace where the artwork is minted.

We selectively curate artists based on our curatorial guidelines.

Where will your art work be streamed?

All  applications will be reviewed by the internal curation team to become part of Muro.

We create tailored art collections for luxurious hotels, office spaces, and in the next months we will open the platform to consumers.

Current applications will fill:

  • Collections that will be made exclusive to hotels or office spaces for a limited amount of time, or will be made available to users. All behind a monthly subscription payment. Collections are curated by Muro, or in partnership with art collectives partnering with Muro.
  • Specific Art Programs to be streamed with a certain time schedule in comercial and hospitality venues. Your artwork can be selected to be included into one of these exclusive carousels.
  • When users click on a certain mood, we will generate collections where your artwork might be included (depending on our AI algorithm). Since we label each artwork with one or more emotions, that artwork will be added to a playlist corresponding to the mood it was associated with.
  • Exhibitions & partnerships with other institutions to display art and give visibility to artists.

How do we curate art at MURO?

At Muro, we strive to create a platform showcasing the best slow video animation and emotional expressive art. We believe that the next generation of digital art, will be made to be consumed on everyone´s wall, becoming more interactive, slow and profound, less catchy and engaging. We want to create a space that allows artists to explore and express themselves through their art, while offering a slower and healthier source of digital consumption.

Content and Visual  Requirements

We are looking for:
  • Long animations
  • Infinity loop videos
  • Slow content
Artwork should not contain:
  • Offensive language or imagery.
  • Political or religious content.
  • References to violence or hate
  • Copyrighted materials.
  • Age-sensitive material
Avoid using overly bright colors and excessive animation with strobic effects.
Slow long animations that create a sensation of infinity loop are preferred.

Emotional Curations

Artworks will be curated by being labelled by artists and curators using the following criteria:

  • Focus
  • Relaxation
  • Comfort
  • Wonder

Technical Requirements

We will need the link of the marketplace where the artwork is minted. if the NFT version has not been minted in its highest quality, we will ask for the original file. If the work is not an NFT, the original file will be uploaded by the artist into our platform.

Video Artworks

  • File type and encoding:
    • MP4, MPEG-4 AVC (H.264)
  • FPS
    • Minimum 30
    • Maximum 60
  • Bitrate
    • Minimum: 3.5 MB/s
    • Maximum: 8.5 MB/s
  • AudioEncoding:
    • AAC
    • Audio sample rate: 44.1
    • Audio bitrate: 64 Kbit/s
  • Size
    • Maximum: 1GB

Image Artworks

  • File type and encoding
    • PNG
    • JPEG
    • GIF (in infinite loop)
    • WEBP
  • Size
    • Maximum: 50MB

File Resolutions

Minimum requirements:

  • For landscape artworks: 1920x1080 pixels
  • For portrait artworks: 1080x1920 pixels

Maximum requirements:

  • For landscape artworks: 3840x2160 pixels
  • For portrait artworks: 2160x3840 pixels

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Muro Licence? Is this a creative commons CC-BY license?

As a streaming platform, MURO requires certain rights to display and commercialise artworks uploaded by artists or creators. These rights are necessary for MURO to operate its platform and provide users with access to the artworks and services. The Artist therefore grants MURO all necessary rights to use, arrange, reproduce, distribute, display, and perform the Artist's Works as outlined in the Artist’s Agreement and Artist’s Terms and Conditions. This MURO licence enables MURO to curate, arrange, record, promote, and commercialise the Works on selected mediums as necessary for MURO to provide its services to users through MURO platform.

Please kindly note, that by using and streaming through MURO platform, you always retain all copyrights to the artworks you share through MURO.

### How will MURO provide me with data analytics on my artwork's streaming details?

We provide all artists with detailed analytics of their artwork's streaming data. This includes: geographical location, number of times it has been reproduced, for how much time, specific locations or venues (in case your artwork is chosen for commercial displays). You will be able to access this information through your MURO account and/or receive a detailed report yearly.

How will MURO compensate artists?

We compensate artists based on the number of views their artwork receives.

The formula to calculate how to distribute the percentage to all the artists inside the platform is:

Total revenue generated from subscriptions * 0.25 = Total amount to be paid to all artists

Once you have calculated the total amount to be paid to all artists, you can distribute the payment to individual artists based on their share of total plays or streams on the platform. For example, if Artist A's artworks were played 10% of the total plays on the platform, they would receive 10% of the total payment to artists.

The payment distribution can be calculated using the following formula:

Total amount to be paid to all artists * (Artist's share of total plays/100) = Payment to be made to the artist.

By using this formula, the streaming music platform can distribute the payment to all artists in a fair and transparent manner, based on their contribution to the platform.

### Can I exhibit in a gallery or museums a piece is on streaming on the MURO platform?

Yes, you can still exhibit your work in galleries and museums or elsewhere even if the work is being streamed on MURO. Please kindly note that for specific works we may enter into a separate exclusivity agreement with you. If we sign an exclusivity agreement, please consult on the topic with us prior to the exhibition in the gallery or a museum.

How can I easily cancel my contract with MURO?

Yes, you can cancel your contract with MURO after the expiry of the Artist Agreement by sending us a termination notice to []. In a termination notice you should clearly identify the Work you wish to remove or whether you’re canceling the whole contract. Following our confirmation of receipt of a termination notice and our identification of the Work, we will withdraw that Work from further Commercialisation within the period of 60 days following our receipt of the termination notice. Please kindly note that such termination notice does not affect the work which is being exhibited at the time when we receive such notice. If your Work has been displayed and Streamed at the time when we receive your Termination Notice, your Work and profile page will remain available at Muro for a limited period of time. Any other Works that have not been featured or Streamed will be removed from Muro’s Site and/or App.

How will MURO pay me for my artwork?

At MURO, we understand the importance of getting paid for your artwork, which is why we offer payouts in fiat currency. During the onboarding process, we exchange information with you to enable fiat payouts. More detailed information about payout schedules, formulas, and terms are available in the artist terms.

The marketplace where I dropped my piece or collection is organizing an IRL exhibition with my pieces. Can I stream them on MURO?

Yes, you can still stream your collection on Muro even if there is an existing IRL exhibition which happened or is happening. A marketplace may reserve some right to commercialise or exhibit your NFT or use it for marketing purposes, however, they do not normally restrict your rights to further exhibit or commercialise your work through other mediums. Thus far, our in depth comparative research has confirmed that marketplaces do not make use of such restrictive practices and do not reserve exclusivity rights or otherwise prevent creators to participate on other platforms and mediums. We acknowledge that such practice may change over time. Should you have any other atypical experiences with the marketplaces, please let us know at

My artwork is part of a n. limited collection or an open edition. Can I join MURO?

It's important for creators to understand that when they sell their NFT, the collectors do not automatically gain ownership of the copyright. The transfer of rights requires explicit agreement or stated terms between the creator and buyer, either through the platform's terms and conditions or a separate agreement. If there is no such agreement, creators do not need to seek permission from the collectors before commercializing their edition through MURO. However, if the terms stipulate the transfer of copyrights, seeking legal advice and permission from the collectors is recommended.

My artwork is part of a 1:1 edition (single edition) and it has been purchased by a collector. Do I need to ask for their permission?

It's important for creators to understand that when they sell their NFT, the collector does not automatically gain ownership of the copyright. The transfer of rights requires explicit agreement or stated terms between the creator and buyer, either through the platform's terms and conditions or a separate agreement. If there is no such agreement, creators do not need to seek permission from the collector before commercializing their single edition through MURO. However, if the terms stipulate the transfer of copyrights, seeking legal advice and permission from the collector is recommended.

My artwork has been bought by a collector. Can I join MURO?

Yes, you can join MURO even if your artwork has been bought by a collector. When a collector purchases an NFT, they obtain the ownership in the token that represents the underlying item, be it digital art, music, picture, or other digital item. Collectors have the right to hold and sell the NFT, however, they don’t posses the copyright over the underlying asset existing off-chain, unless the copyright holder (e.g. the NFT creator) has clearly stated that by selling the NFT, they are selling the copyright as well. All this being said, unless there are specific terms you have agreed upon (be it through the terms and conditions of a platform where you minted your NFT or through a separate agreement) describing a license with which you have also transferred your copyrights, you can join MURO and further commercialise your art.

Can I upload any type of art onto Muro´s platform?

You have free creative autonomy to upload the works you wish, we do encourage motion graphics and slow looping videos.

What art am I making available for Muro?

According to the agreement, you will authorize the Muro team to access all the artworks you upload into your artist profile on Muro´s Artist Platform.

Can MURO help me mint my artwork into an NFT?

Yes, we can help you mint your artwork into an NFT informing the artist on the available 3rd party platforms and guiding the artist through the process. Please contact us at

I have not minted my artwork as NFT. How can I join MURO?

We accept artwork from various mediums and platforms. You can still join Muro, however we highly recommend to mint your artwork as NFT so that you it can find a collector while we are displaying it IRL.

My artwork is not on the Ethereum blockchain. Can I join MURO?

Yes, you can still join MURO even if your artwork is not on the Ethereum blockchain. We accept artwork from various mediums and platforms.

I minted my artwork as NFT on OpenSea/Foundation/Superrare/KnownOrigins/Etc. . How can I join MURO?

We welcome artists who have minted their artwork on various blockchain platforms to join MURO. You can contact us at or sign up on our website (link). Your work will be reviewed by the Muro curation team and you will be contacted.

I want to access Muro´s Artist Platform after my application was accepted, how does it work?

Watch this video on how to navigate our Artist Platform.

I want to join Muro as an artist, how do I apply?

You can apply via our website through this link. Watch this video on how to apply.