Muro Selection: "Essence"

"Essence," Muro´s selection for ChromaFlora´s event, showcases the intersection of nature, technology, and visual art. This exhibition, through its dynamic, always-in-movement pieces, merges a sense of wonder with comfort. It reflects the symbiotic relationship between the organic and the digital, inviting viewers to explore and appreciate this unique fusion. The artworks, embodying a blend of natural forms and technological mediums, offer a space for awe and contemplation, highlighting the evolving interaction between our natural world and technological advancements. This exhibition aims to inspire and challenge perceptions, celebrating the harmonious coexistence of diverse realms.

About Muro: Muro is a Dynamic Art platform that offers commercial venues and consumers access to personalized and curated visual experiences.

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Catalog of artworks

Muro Selection: Essence

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