Transforming spaces with digital art.

Partners and collaborators

We foster wellness through art

We combine art, tech and science to create engaging, mood-responsive experiences.


1. Custom Curation

Receive curated collections tailored to your venue’s needs.

2. Easy Setup

We seamlessly transform any screen into a dynamic art display.

3. Continuous Streaming

Engaging art will play and adapt based on your custom schedule.


Enhancing Mood, Cognition, and Mental Health

Through our AI & neuroscientific research, we curate art that evokes targeted emotional responses in the observer.
We have partnered with leading neurofeedback experts and sensory designer to understand how art invoke certain states of mind in the brain.

“Through art, brain´s reward circuits find their canvas.”

Neurofeedback Expert

Looking for art for your venue?

Muro activates custom curate digital art in your space.

In-Real-Life displays
activated with digital art
Artists & collectives involved
Minutes of art streamed
Exhibitions & Digital Art Festivals curated

Read how art impacted businesses

“Not only enhance spaces, but enrich experiences.”

As leaders in law and advocates of culture, CCA Law Firm sets the standard by embracing digital art, not just enhancing spaces, but enriching experiences.

Domingos Cruz
Partner at CCA Law Firm

“Art transforms guest experience daily.”

At the Hotel Indigo Sydney, Potts Point, art takes center stage in the lobby reception and cafe. The digital art responds to the built environment and heightens the guest experience by giving the visitor a new moving graphic daily. 

Kristi Wayman
Director of Design & Technical Services at Pro-invest Group

“Connecting people through unique visual and sensory experiences.”

Your dedication, talent, and altruism are pillars supporting the success of these initiatives. In a world where monetary value often outweighs cultural and emotional value, your contribution reminds us that true wealth lies in touching hearts, provoking thoughts, and connecting people through unique visual and sensory experiences.

Toni Barreiros, Architect, Head of Innovation, Municipality of Fundão
Toni Barreiros
Architect, Head of Innovation, Municipality of Fundão

Are you an Artist?
Join Muro

Muro empowers artists to showcase their work globally, making it visible and accessible in-real-life without losing ownership.

How It Works:
Curated Collections: Feature your art in exclusive venues.
Royalties: Earn royalties from every stream of your art.
Promotion: Gain exposure through Muro's online and offline channels.
Analytics: Access detailed streaming data for your art.