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Muro is the platform to make your art discoverable & accessible

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A new tool for your collector to enjoy your NFTs

Display your art in exclusive commercial venues

Get discovered, and monetize for every stream

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MURO Exhibition @BlockDown Festival, Algarve Portugal. Various Artists.

Muro Curatorial Approach

Muro is a curated community of artists, developers, scientists, to co-develop Digital Art experiences. We aim to provide the best artistic experience with an easy to stream solution.

Muro Art is art you want to place on a wall which can enhance the mood of the space. We are reimagining how humans interact with technology by proposing slow dynamic art for a healthier consumption.

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Benefits For Artists

Join the Art Streaming revolution. We make your art accessible.

We pay back

We pay back creators 25% of our total subscription revenue.

NFT Marketplace link

Every artwork is linked to the NFT marketplace of provenance.


Promotion through the Muro online channels and in real life exhibitions across the world.

Data & Analytics

We provide you data on how many times and where your NFT has been streamed.

Exclusive Placement

Muro promotes your work in high-end commercial venues.

Your Art, your terms

We will always promote you selling your NFTs and monetize from streaming at the same time

Working with Muro is easy

We make your artwork accessible to businesses and consumers

Apply to join the Muro platform
Choose what collection we make available to stream
Earn every time that is played & get discovered
Exhibit your art in venues & galleries worldwide
Join Muro

Join Muro

Muro enables artists to showcase their artwork in exclusive venues and bring their creations into the living rooms of art enthusiasts.

We never touch your ownership layer, we stream your art and payback up to 25% royalties from our subscription revenue while making your art more visible and accessible.

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