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Elevate your guests experience

Transforming spaces into unforgettable sensory journeys.
Our Art Curation Service elevates guest experiences, leaving a lasting impression on mood, well-being, and overall ambiance during their stay.

Muro Dynamic Art

The Art that moves.

Personalized Art Collections

Muro crafts tailor-made collections featuring exceptional contemporary digital artwork. We proudly showcase on your venue's screens.

Easily set-up your Gallery

Simply plug & play our Muro Cast into any display device to stream your dynamic art collection throughout the day.

One-stop solution

Muro provides you with tailored display devices solutions and custom installation to display art at its best.

Fostering Artistic Spaces

Curate captivating digital art to transform your space, elevate your environment and create lasting impressions.
Take your spaces to the next level increasing:

  • Time spent in a space
  • Average spend on services
  • Social interaction
  • Mentions on social media

Give your guests the right mood

Experience art curation like never before. Our approach combines curated art and moods using Muro Neuroaesthetic Research, ensuring each piece enhances the emotional atmosphere of your space.

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Art for all the industries

Create an Immersive Entrance

Welcome your guests with an Art Experience they won’t forget.

Art in hotel lobbies has been shown to have a positive impact on customers, employees, and company identity

Ignite vibrant interactions

Spark ideas and cultivate engaging conversations.

Digital Art contributes to a more creative and collaborative environment.
Journal of Innovation and Creativity in Management

Wellness Experiences

Enrich awaiting moments with Mindful Art Displays.

71% decrease in anxiety after being in a space with Art
WHO, 2020

Elevate the senses

Art-infused displays enrich sensational culinary experiences

Digital art enhance customers' perceptions of food quality, attractiveness, and taste
Journal of Culinary Science and Technology, 2019

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Are you an Artist?
Join Muro

Muro enables artists to showcase their artwork in exclusive venues and bring their creations into the living rooms of art enthusiasts.

We respect your ownership, so we stream your art, and offer up to 25% royalties from our subscription revenue. With Muro, we make your art more visible and accessible

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