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Artwork by Anxo Vizcaino

Digital Art made Accessible

Muro is a Dynamic Art platform that offers commercial venues and consumers access to personalized and curated visual experiences.

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Stream Digital Art in 3 steps

Our subscription model offers personalized visual content for individuals and businesses, accessible on any device.

1. Download the coming soon "Muro" APP

2. Pair your Smart TV or compatible Frame device

3. Enjoy your favourite artists and collections

Looking for art for your venue?

Muro is ideal to set up your digital art exhibition with custom art that fits your brand

Access Curated Collections

With an international network of Artists, Curators, Art Collectives and Cartels, Muro offers you the best curated selection of Contemporary Digital Art.

“Muro presents a fresh way to enjoy digital art right at your fingertips. Explore our amazing artists on your screens, no matter where you are.”

Digital Art Curator

Stream your NFTs

Connect your wallet and enjoy your NFT collection in real life.

+100 Ethereum wallets available
Manage your own collections
Flex them with your friends
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Mood-Responsive Art

Muro utilizes findings from neuroaesthetics to guide the viewer into a targeted cognitive state. We meticulously curate art that evokes particular emotional responses in the observer.

“Through art, brain´s reward circuits find their canvas.”

Neurofeedback Expert

Art and science

We partner with Top Neuroscientists to study how Art affects our Brains using EEG and brainwaves.

This helps us know how art makes you feel, like Relaxed, Focused, Comfy, or Amazed.

Being pioneer in this research, Muro provides art experiences tailored to your emotions, backed by science, making any space feel special.

Art for every moment of your day.

Stream art shows curated for every mood and moment of your day.

“Adapting the art to the time of the day, improves your mood, foster better health”

Ari Peralta
World's leading voice in Sensory Design & Neuroscience

Ready to get started?

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Are you an Artist?
Join Muro

Muro enables artists to showcase their artwork in exclusive venues and bring their creations into the living rooms of art enthusiasts.

We respect your ownership, so we stream your art, and offer up to 25% royalties from our subscription revenue. With Muro, we make your art more visible and accessible

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